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York Regional District School Board & JK Quality

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

One of Canada's largest school boards, the York Regional District School Board (YRDSB) located just north of Toronto, Ontario has 167 Elementary and 31 Secondary Schools, a total of 198. As the board began growing exponentially to the tune of 117,489 students, including full-time students from elementary, secondary schools, summer school, and adult education night classes, the YRDSB began looking five years ago for a solution to maintain control of their strict safety standards. With the help of JK Quality Integrated Security Solutions, the fast-growing YRDSB has been able keep their focus and control on school safety with the implementation of the latest in Video Surveillance technology.

As their main CCTV provider, JK Quality has been supplying its products to the YRDSB for the past five years including DVRs, NVRs, analog, IR and megapixel cameras which are currently covering 67% of YRDSB schools. As the security video technology improves, so do the cost-cutting benefits.

Recently, JK Quality has been working with YRDSB on the implementation of their new Central Management Software (CMS) system. This allows the YRIDSB security and safety personnel to receive health status reports on the servers in the field and the ability to view video over the Internet. In addition to those benefits JK's CMS also allows gathering important business intelligent information with images such as confirmation of snow clearing from contractors plus the ability to view video with a tablet and or a Smartphone. This gives large organizations like YRDSB an even greater ability to control, maintain, and administrate all their systems and cameras in all the school locations.

"For the past five years, JK Quality has been a great video surveillance partner for us. They have provided us with exceptional value, equipment and unwavering support all within the confines of our strict budget. We look forward to working with them for many years to come", says Mark Marchand, Associate Manager of Administrative Services of YRDSB.



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