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Lexus On the Park & JK Quality

Lexus On the Park & JK Quality 2 brands that understand great customer service

Lexus, a luxury segment of the global giant Toyota, has launched its first car, the Lexus LS in 1989. Although this Japanese brand saw a healthy growth right away, it was only in 2005 that the first car dealership opened its doors in Japan, the nation of the high-end brand!

Lexus On the Park (formerly Scarborough Lexus Toyota) was way ahead of the game! In 1990, one year only after the launch of the first Lexus car, Scarborough Toyota was awarded one of the few Lexus franchises in all of Canada. The team also had the pleasure to welcome the new luxury automobile line with no other that the President of Toyota Canada Inc. to cut the ceremonial ribbon!

More than 20 years later, Lexus On the Park continues to offer the now iconic brand and excellent customer service. It is no surprise then to see them partner with a CCTV solution provider whose main focus is exceptional service and installation for over 30 years. “Jason made sure that we were all set-up and provided an overview of the system to give me the gist of it, which is all I needed to get going. I have since given him a call a couple of times and every single time I can either get him on the phone right away or he calls me back within 2-3 minutes,” shares Abid Shivji, Service Manager at Lexus On the Park and responsible for purchasing the CCTV equipment for the dealership.

After receiving several quotes from other service providers, it was clear for Abid Shivji that JK Quality was offering the solution that he was looking for; after meeting JK Quality, the decision was quickly made to update the system and add a few cameras through JK Quality of all 3 dealerships. “I met with a few companies and once I met with Jason, my decision was made. They offered the best solution and their systems are very simple to use, even for someone who isn’t techy like me,” adds Shivji.

The car dealership has opted for high-resolution video that will pay for itself within a short period of time: “ We use the system to review our inventory outside, ensure that no customer or employee gets hurt in the lot but in addition, we use it in the drive-thru” explains Shrivji. When customers drop their cars for services, the technicians check for marks and damages. With the HD cameras installed and capable of zooming on an event, Lexus On the Park can see the damages before and after service. “The playback feature is really easy to use and the image is so clear that we can see the damages or see when the car left in mint condition. With our new system, we haven’t had to absorb the cost of any of these alleged damages as the crystal-clear image clarifies any situation quickly and without any doubt to us or our customers”, adds Shrivji.

JK Quality is offering a CCTV system with HD image, is simple requires minimal training and offers great customer service but would Abid Shrivji recommends the service provider and its product line to a friend or a colleague? The answer was as spontaneous as positive: “In a heartbeat!” concludes Shrivji.



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